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Born in Mar del Plata,  Buenos Aires, Argentina, to a middle eastern and an Italian,  Luna Palazzolo is a multidisciplinary artist who later relocated to Miami at the age of 20. While actively contributing to the local art community, they have exhibited their works in various locations, including Buenos Aires, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Luna's interests in psychology, which they studied at Kennedy University in Buenos Aires, and materiality, which they frequently explore through their profession in restoration and fabrication, heavily influence their self-taught artistic practice.

Their work is a reflection of their surroundings and can be described as iconoclastic, as they often tackle themes of resistance, empowerment, and a critical outlook on the growing technocratic society.




2018 - See or Not - Laundromat Art Space, Miami, FL.

2021 - UBI SUNT  - Edge Zones Gallery, Miami, FL.

2023 -  Closer  -  Ft Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport. 


2020 - Oolite Arts - Oolite Arts Relief Fund for COVID-19

2022 - Broward county cultural division

2023 - Wavemaker Grant (research and development)


2020 - Resting Behavior - Group Show about Minimalism in Miami - Edge Zones Gallery, Miami, FL.

2021 - Tengo un idiota dentro de mi - a series of paintings by Gabriela Ayza -  EdgeZones Gallery, Miami, FL.

2021 - Communicating Pressure - Kassandra Toimil’s sound exhibition - EdgeZones Gallery, Miami, FL.


2017- Heart Magazine

2018- Asymmetric Mag

2022- Doral Museum- Identity talks

2022- HEADS magazine - in collaboration with New Art Dealers 20th anniversary

Tunnel Projects is a versatile initiative designed to function as a cooperative effort, providing a creative space for artists. Our goal is to offer affordable studio spaces that can be either shared or private. Additionally, we proudly feature two exhibition spaces: "Tunnel," a 200 sq ft gallery situated in an underground parking lot of a 1980's plaza, and "Touché Boutique," a public-facing storefront.

ether_2018_2021_ 12.23.8in_wood_sculpture.jpg
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