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The foundation of my work is based on memories of my childhood and its effects on my adulthood. In all its disciplines, my artistic practice is a reflection and a product, as well as simultaneously an analysis and subsequently a protest of the acceptance parameters humanity creates for itself, catapulted in recent decades by the massive consumption of superfluous media and technologies.

Satirical and ironic, my work parodies eccentricities and celebrates, in the spirit of not taking her or me so seriously, the exaggerations and the cobblestones that we pseudo-voluntarily cross to reach such many absurd and disproportionate references like the abstract systems that we create are: beauty, morals, religion, language, and value are some of them. My work (as its own entity) and I are at the mercy of observing and adapting ways of using these dichotomies to intentionally create a mere representation of a behavior or a complex idea.


Selected Group Shows:


2012- Villa Victoria Ocampo, Argentina

2016 - Chocolate & Art - Wynwood Warehouse, Miami, FL

2016 - Little Haiti Cultural Center, Miami, FL

2017 - Hikarie Hall - Shibuya, Tokyo-to, Japan

2017 - Buzz Art Auction, Ritz Carlton, Miami, FL

2017 - Charlie Sheen Foundation Charity, Yale Club, New York City, NY

2018 - Introspect - Substrate Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2018 - 2.0 - Laundromat Art Space, Miami FL

2018 - Superfine Art Fair 

2020 - CADAF

2021 - The Gift Shop - a curatorial project by Curator Yi Chin Sieh, Museum Wolfsonian, Miami, FL.

2021 - Collabo 7 - 7 Seas Motel, Miami, FL.

2022 - Hang#7 - LAS, Miami, FL.

2022-Variable Elements-  Club Gallery, Miami



Solo Exhibitions / 2 people Exhibitions



2018 - See or Not - Luna Palazzolo & Eric Michael - Laundromat Art Space, Miami, FL.

2021 - UBI SUNT - solo exhibition - Edge Zones Gallery, Miami, FL.







2020 - Resting Behavior - Group Show about Minimalism in Miami - Edge Zones Gallery, Miami, FL.

2021 - Tengo un idiota dentro de mi - a series of paintings by Gabriela Ayza -  EdgeZones Gallery, Miami, FL.

2021 - Communicating Pressure - Kassandra Toimil’s sound exhibition - EdgeZones Gallery, Miami, FL.

2022 - Residencia La Humedad

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