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Objects of Tranference / 2022

Objects of transference could be anything, from people to status, from possessions to obsessions. These are the justification for our life, the excuse that will save us at the time of our death. They give us value, worth, and self-esteem, which is directly attached to our narcissism. Narcissism has such a poor connotation, understandably, It keeps us reproducing, but also evolving, it helps us hoard, and destroy with the purpose of reconstructing, of building bigger and “better”. It also keeps us walking through the fire, as Becker said himself. 

Aren’t we terribly broken and incredibly complex?

In this performance video, the first one of its kind, and the first one to my credit, I share how I practice detachment from my own artwork. This installation, before destruction, is titled “Cement Panels” and is a direct reference to materiality, industrial growth, and the tactile relationship that I create with elements while working on an assembly line-like mode, performing the same movements and procedures repeatedly for hours, resulting in a large number of repetitions of the same object. 

A one-shot/one camera video in my studio in Miami, FL. My breath gets heavier, my hands are shaky. I collect myself on the edge of the wall with a broom.

Luna Palazzolo.jpeg
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