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Curatorial projects

Resting Behavior

Group Exhibit, Edge Zones Gallery, 2020

Resting occurs when action ceases, in order for action to continue resting must take place. 

In ´Resting Behavior, a group of local Miami artists explores a different approach to minimalism through their own medium, guided by the nature of less is more. Consequently,  creating more to be perceived. 

While Minimalism is based on the concept that work is meant to be simply as it is in a space of its own, each piece in the show has its own conversation with the audience.


Tengo un Idiota dentro de mi

A collection of paintings by spanish-german artist Gabriela Ayza, Edge Zones Gallery, 2020

A small collection of paintings by Gabriela Ayza. A body of works that plays with the ambiguity between right and wrong, that pokes and seeks for the poetic tragedies that often bring us closer to our own core.

GabrielaAyza-TUIDDM (1).jpg

Communicating Pressure

A solo exhibition by Kassandra Toimil, a multimedia and sound Cuban-American artist , Edge Zones Gallery, 2021.

In “Communicating Pressure”, Kassandra Toimil’s installation functions as an insight into the voice of class structures and how their different social pressures influence communication and serve as historic memorials. The works are imbued with narratives on multiple layers, from direct references through the placement of sculptures and the objects around them to provide a prophetic view of the future.



La Humedad

Residency program

La Humedad is a curatorial project that consists of an unstructured residency program in which international artists are provided with a living space, a studio, and an exhibition in Miami. This program is self-funded and by invitation only.  

Next Residency: February 2022 - Stefan Krische 

Luna Palazzolo.jpeg
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